Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sober Raiding

Last night the guild ran the Arachnid Wing in Naxx, downed Grobbulis and gave Gluth a couple of tries before calling it. The Zombie Chows just weren't going getting dropped in time. I logged on later than usual, due to a farewell get together for a coworker, a got summoned to raid almost immediately. Aside from Gluth it all went very well. However, I find myself thinking about what happened after a couple of wipes.

At the aforementioned get together I had a few beers and a couple of shots. I should have remembered that shots are never a good idea, especially on a Wednesday night. Granted, I am rather mindful of that today being as I am sporting a wicked hangover. Getting older has changed my relationship with drinking. I am not nearly as good at it as I was in my early 20s. I have never raided after drinking and this was a new and "sobering" experience.

My healing was fine, I even checked my WWS reports this morning to make sure, so I am good with that. However, as we waited for some folks in between wipes I found myself AFKing as I was dosing off. This led to my headset coming unplugged and I did not even realize it for a bit until I thought, "Gee, Vent is awfully quiet...". When I plugged back in and jumped to show I was still there everyone commented that I was back and we could continue.

On thing I really hate is wasting someone's time. This is even more true when it comes to things like being punctual. I have almost infinite patience when waiting for someone else, however I hate to keep someone waiting. Usually I am a model group member and raider. I try to be helpful, nice and perform my role well. Last night I think I performed well enough, but I can't help but feel I let the guild down by not being a my best and coming to the Raid late and half drunk.

I am sure this leads into other issues I have with drinking as I get older and enjoy it less and less, but I learned one lesson, don't drink and raid. At least it's not for me. I would have enjoyed my playtime more had I showed up sober and I am sure my guildmates would have as well.That all being said, I would like to apologize, at least to myself. Next time and the times after I will bring my A game and clear head.


  1. This was sucha an adorable confession that I can't see why they wouldn't forgive you...

    Welcome to the Wow Blosphere! From your description of your intention of this blog it sounds as if it may become a readworthy one.

    Try to break up the paragraphs a little if you can. I know Blogger isn't exactly friendly for editing, I've got issues myself. I normally write my posts in Word and then paste it into Blogger. The extra space will then follow into the blog. Most of the times.

  2. Thanks Larisa. I enjoy your blog and your spot on Twisted Nether. The advise about spacing is very helpful and please do check back for more. I expect to post often and my goal is to make it very readworthy. Thanks for stopping by.