Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guild First: Downed Sapphiron

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of NO DRAMA on our first kill of Sapphiron! After a couple of tries to get the ice block timing down we did quite well. This was our first attempt at Sapph. Because of scheduling we could never finish of the other wings before Tuesday unlock.

Last night we got together and had Gluth, Thaddius, and the Plauge wing to go. We were on point and one-shotted everyone. Gluth went down the fastest ever and we set a new record for people living all the way through Heigen, even though I may have needed a battle rez (Thanks again Soop). Loetheb was the same cakewalk he always is and as soon as he went down it was time to visit snow country.

After Heigen, RL stepped in and one of the guildies had to AFK for 20 min. This gave everyone else time to gem and enchant the new shiney purple gear and, most importantly, watch Ciderhelm's awesome boss strats on When we Ready-checked everyone was up to speed on what to do.

The first go-round was a little rough as we adjusted to performing what we had just watched and we still understanding the mechanics. We wiped, discuss it on Vent and came back for round two. This time we got one dead frostwyrm.

Loot dropped and our resident man of the cloth picked up the wicked Cowl of Winged Fear and One very lucky Healer (ME!) got the Key to the Focusing Iris. Malygos, you are next on our list, right after Kel Thuzad. We made a few runs at Kel, but were not successful. Our Hunter had to go so we put it on pause for tomorrow. We plan on completing the full clear this week and want to get to Malygos as well. Stay tuned for more info on the rest of the progression.

Still having 9 toons and not ready to call it a night we decided to pull off the great the Stormwind Bank Heist! All of us headed out to the Zoram Strand and ran north to Auberdine to catch the boat to Stormwind. We ran in flagged and headed for the bank to cause a little Friday night ruckus. We bypassed to bank and headed upstairs to the bedroom above, ironically, the Stormwind Visitor's Center.

The Level 80 Allys saw and the pursuit began. Wave after wave poured in to kill us and foil our plot. Wave after wave died. A couple well timed fear bombs later we talking to the Spirit Healer. They killed 9 of us, we had 121 Honorable Kills, plus countless guards and strangely flagged lowbies. 9 to 121, not a bad ratio. We decided to rez in the bank. Soop dropped Tranquility and Innervate and we were back in action. Again, 100 more kills.

At this point we decided to leave Stormwind alone and call it a night. As fun as it was, the strange thing is it was great recruiting. We got tells for a bunch of players with everything from "I'm going to roll a Horde toon so I can join your guild..." to "I'll grab my 80 Troll tomorrow and pst, what are your Raid times?" This sure beats the hell out of trade chat recruitment.

All in all a great night and a lot of fun had by all. More updates and the drama of NO DRAMA to come folks. We'll talk soon.

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