Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raid Report March 18, 2008: Busy Night

Last night was busy. The NO DRAMA raid team went 2 for 3 on the night. We also welcomed 2 new members, one of them an alt of an Alliance toon that we killed during the Great Stormwind Bank Heist.

During the night I also finished Team One’s trip to 60. This makes 4 alts at 60. In the process of finishing Koramiir and Koramaar’s time in RAF, Sukutamba, banker extraordinaire, was granted levels up to 40. Snowcrasher, Parsalian, and Fearandloath are sitting at 21.

Oh, we downed some bosses and got some loot too…

We started off downing an easy Sartharion + 0 to build our confidence before taking on the Big Blue. As every time before has gone, it was a free loot. There was a messy pull on Vesperon and we got the two Onyx Sanctum Guardians that patrol by him as well. This made the fight more interesting than usual. Being severely OP for the encounter we only lost our aggro-happy Retadin , however our MT did need a battle rez.

Sartharian was a pushover. We have done the encounter so many times that we all know to dodge the flame walls, pick up the adds, watch his enrage. Cakewalk.

For our efforts we got the following loot:

Our neighborhood Tree Druid picked up the Majestic Dragon Figurine.

The Elemental Shaman, and RL husband of the tree, picked up his Gloves of the Lost Protector.

Confidence boosted and pockets stuffed with Emblems we headed out to Colderra to face our arch-nemesis, Malygos. This was our second legit attempt at a progression run against the Blue Dragon Aspect. We did progress but it was accompanied by a side a fail.

This time around we brought one less healer, who brought his tank main, and our usual MT brought the aforementioned 3K+ DPS Ele-Shaman. This solved our lack of DPS for the previous night.

Our first attempt was very good. We made it into Phase three with three minutes to spare ( our first time we got there with an Enrage already waiting). However, once we were dragon-back no one really knew what to do. We had seen the videos, read the strats, and discussed it at length in Vent, but until you do the encounter almost nothing can prepare you.

We spent the three minutes figuring out our new powers and wiped.

Attempt number two we made it back to Phase Three and wiped again.

It was getting late and we were getting frustrated. We had multiple awful attempts afterwards, including one where I accidentally Lerroooooooooooooy’d it up.

Our final attempt on the night was another good one, but we could not bring him down. We left with instructions to practice with the Aces High! daily and a renewed hatred for the Big Blue.

A couple people logged at that time and a few others had come one so we got together another late-night 9 man Naxx group to raise our spirits and knocked out the Arachnid Quarter.

We went for the achievement on Grand Widow Faerlina but we did not kite her fair enough when we downed the adds so she got the embrace. After that we let her enrage and downed her without issue. Next time we’ll do it right and get it done. Maexxna was also quite easy.

During the loot parade we got:

Omen of Ruin also dropped twice in a row from trash mobs.
Naxx will get finished up before the reset again and we plan and giving Malygos and Sarth25 +1 another go as well.

That’s all for now, I am still working on part three of the Multi-Boxing guide, but it will be up soon. I am also reevaluating my UI. Look for postings about the redesign and addon recommendations in the near future.

Until then, have fun and remember that NO DRAMA is good drama.

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