Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Slow Monday and The Rise of Team Two...

Last night was slow one on Undermine-US. I ran a quick Heroic VH, did some banking and AH work, and then I logged on alts to wait and see if we would raid.

Alas raiding was not to be. However, I did manage to do a little work on the multi-box teams.

Soulsnatcher, sitting at 59 for the time being went out to Hillsbrad to level Skinning and Herbalism. For the record I do not really enjoy power-leveling trade skills, but for me it seems to work the best. The nodes were very slow to spawn and I think I was competing with a level 80 Alliance toon I saw everyone in a while.

Team one, with their new leader Morjiin, snuck inside Scholomance after camping the door and is waiting for the final runs there to go from 57 to 60.

Team two, Snowcrasher, Parsalian, and FearandLoath ran Shadowfang Keep a few times and is now level 16. I plan on leveling them tonight and maybe get a few more runs so I can head to Scarlet Monastery at 25. That's where the real power-leveling starts.

I am surprised with Snowcrasher, the warrior. I have avoided Warriors through all of WoW as I did not not think I would enjoy them. Like the Rogue I have found them much fun to play. I am not sure if it is because of the change of pace, or just my overall love of the game that I enjoy these classes, but I am sure I will explore this more later.

Stay tunes as tomorrow I plan on posting part three of the Laptop Multiboxing guide complete with Macros, Action Bars, Mods, and more.

Until then remember that NO DRAMA is good drama.

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