Thursday, March 12, 2009

All Gold Farmers Should Be Shot!

I received and email this afternoon that two of my three accounts had their passwords changed. I was at work and had no way of doing this. I remained calm and called Blizzard immediately.

I told them that my accounts had been compromised and they reset the passwords on all three. I checked the two alts on Amory and they were still wearing their gear, good sign. I checked Koramoor.

She was robbed. Everything gone except badge gear and tier token gear. The alts on the same account were all naked.

I have not logged in to chat with a GM, but I am remaining calm as I am told this can all be restored. Although it can take up to a week. That is terrible news.

The gear and the thousands of gold can be restored, but the stress and inconvenience is terrible. Stay tuned as I try to fix this issue and find the root cause. As of now I have done full scans on my laptop and nothing has showed up.

As to multi-boxing, I have done a great deal of research and I do not believe that KeyClone is the culprit. In fact I am pretty sure it is not. As soon as this is resolved I will continue to publish the other parts of the guide.

Any officer from Kora's guild who is reading this talk a look at the guild bank and document anything that was been stolen. I will be on later to figure this bullshit out.

The bottom line is that this can happen to you. Get an authenticator and be protected. I am getting mine as soon as they are no longer sold out.

Wish me luck.


  1. yo I let boagrious kno. balls!

  2. Hey, friend- ran into your post after a rambling google search, and had to offer my condolences. I have personally never been hacked myself, but I ordered my authenticator recently after my MySpace account was phished. I thought I was smart enough not to be fooled by such things, but, I guess I was wrong. Luckily I found out about it and changed my wow password and log-in (which was the same as my myspace- I know that was dumb)and ordered an authenticator the very next time they were available. I have to say I do get irritated having to rummage around for it every time I log in, but reading your post made me glad I have it. So good luck with everything, I hope it works out okay for you!