Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Raid Report: March, 17 2009 - Malygos and 9 Man Naxx

Last night NO DRAMA started off the Raid week with our first real attempt at Malygos. The weekend was slow, with our Main Tank and his RL wife Raid Healer being out of town and me recovering from my account hacking drama, and the guildies were getting restless to smash some boss face.

I logged in after work and only two other folks were on and we were all working on alts. I just figured that RL and St. Patty's day had kept folks away. As the night wore on raiders trickled in and by 11:00 we were grouped up and heading to the Eye of Eternity.

While we were waiting for everyone to assemble and people finished up last minute preparations everyone alt-tabbed out to watch Ciderhelm's Malygos strat video. Once everyone Ready-Checked in I went through it again in Vent and clicked the Focusing Eye.

Malygos dropped and the MT engaged. DPS and Healers moved into position and started hammering away. Sparks were called out and managed pretty well, however ever a couple got through to Mal, damage was coming in and we wiped at 85%. Not a bad first go.
We discussed went down, went over tank movement an positioning and told everyone again to make sure to get the sparks. Attempt number two started up. Phase one went better. Sparks were grabbed, no one died, and we made it to phase two.

We all ran under the bubbles and began hammering the Nexus Lords. The Lords dropped, but in the meantime our OT DCed. We kept the toon alive and when he got back online he jumped right back in.
DPS took to the sky on the hoverboards and started to wail on the Scions. They all dropped, but it took a while. One of NO DRAMA's biggest gaps right now is the lack of ranged DPS.

We made into phase three and fell onto the backs of the Red Dragonflight. At this point we were at 10:15 minutes and Malygos enraged. We wiped right away. Again not bad. This was our first time making it to phase three. We were showing progression.

Attempt number 3, things go smoother, sparks fall, people learn to DPS during Vortex and we get to phase two. The Nexus Lords go down faster, but the Scions still take a long time. We get to phase 3 at 10:22 minutes. Malygos enrages and we wipe.

At this point we call Malygos for the night. We have the first two phases down but we have a DPS problem. The burn is not fast enough. The officers are looking into raid composition and we are going to try again tonight.

Afterwards, a few people log for the night and we take 9 toons to Naxx and knock out Instructor Razuvious and Gothik with no issue. We decide not to do 4 Horsemen with 9 and call Naxx for the night, walking away with a couple of new Epics and satisfied at that.

Tonight we have OS, Malygos again, and more Naxx. Sarth+1 and Malygos will both be progression and I hope we get them done. Stay tuned for updates as NO DRAMA continues the path to Conqueror of The Frozen Wastes.

And until then remember NO DRAMA is good drama.

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  1. yo, try out Hadar Holy Hope addon...supposed to be the one the pally from PL uses. Let me know if it works.