Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My name is Byron and I play WoW. Lately I have been bored at work and when I can't play WoW, I've been reading about it. This has caused me to become something unexpected: good at WoW. I have learned a lot from other bloggers and other players as well as my own noobish "life lessons". With all this new found free time I have decided to give back and start my own blog about WoW.
I play a Level 80 Blood Elf Holy Paladin, Koramoor. I am in a really great pseudo-casual guild, NO DRAMA on Undermine-US. I like playing Kora quite a lot and I really like my guild. We run Naxx a bit, although we can't seem to clear it all in one week due to RL, hopefully that will change soon. Kora has very nice 10 man gear and so do most of the other guildies. This has lead to Naxx becoming very easy.
Because we have hit a plateau for the time being I have started something else, Multi-boxing. I am currently playing 3 Alts to level cap a the same time. They are Soulsnatcher, a Forsaken Rogue, Koramiir a Tauren Druid, and Koramaar an Orc Shaman. This started as a way for me to get Alts and I could not stand the thought doing it one at a time. It has been more fun than I thought possible. They are currently level 33 and I plan on 60 by this time next week. After that I want to complete my harem with one of each class so I have can explore the game from all angles. I am very excited about this.
Through this blog I plan on writing about casually raiding as a Holy Paladin, Leadership and Guild dynamics, and the joys of Multi-boxing. I have quite a bit to say and more things come up all the time so I am hoping that there will be no lack of content. Please check back as there will be more to come soon. Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you enjoy it,

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