Monday, March 9, 2009

Guild First: Downed Kel'Thuzad

Grats are in once more in order for the NO DRAMA raiding team. Last night we finally downed Mr. Kel’Thuzad, in all of his ice-blocky glory, after 3 wipe-a-thon nights. Now most of us have The Fall of Naxxramas and are only one boss shy of Champion of the Frozen Wastes.

I really want that title.

There were three key lessons that helped us down Araj The Summoner Ras Frostwhisper Kel’Thuzad:

1. When bright red swirls around you, move NOW!

Shadow Fissure was one of the largest causes of wipes though out this ordeal. It will absolutely one-shot your def-capped tank and everyone else too.

2. Heal the ice blocks NOW!

Not Holy Light. Flash of Light.

3. Keep your pet back.

We suffered a number of wipes due to an over-zealous cat running through a Banshee and pulling an entire section of mobs.

It took us a little while to put all of this together, but once we did the phat loot fell from the sky and we call got our Achievement. Our DK MT got his well deserved T7 helm. Our Rogue got Kel’Thuzad’s Reach. And our Soop-r-star tree got Staff of the Plaguehound, in case she ever wants to go feral.

Not content to rest on our laurels we hearthed on out (where is exactly is the exit?) and headed to Colderra to take a look at the Eye of Eternity.
A few of had watched strat videos on the encounter with Maylgos but most has not and we decided to wing it. We arrived at the Nexus and zoned into EoE and instantly thought two things:

1. Ooooh, pretty stars…

2. Holy shit that’s a big dragon.

So thought number 2 aside, we buff up and I unlock the Focusing Iris.

All of us instantly forget that he’s a dragon and proceed to die in his first breath. At least it was quick. We tried again and did better, but sparks were an issue and we died in the vortex. We called it a night after this and decided to watch the strats and try again.

Malygos will most likely be on the block still next week as well as Sarth + 1 which did not go well.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for more NO DRAMA drama.

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